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Re: Help with parts for '91 80Q

Let me suggest thre aftermarket places.  All specialize in OEM quality parts

1.  Recycled VW - tel 313-373-2300

A favorite of VW owners, they carry many new and used parts.  A friendly 
organization that often caters to those looking for the lowest price solution.
They seem to carry a lot of Audi parts.

2. Shokan - tel 1-800-ALL-AUDI (cute, no?)

Audi parts only, both new and used.

3. PAP (Porsche Audi Parts) 1-800-944-2964

Audi and Porsche parts - new only.  I call these folks first.  I'm not sure
how they get their prices, but I've heard they buy the parts from the
OEM in Germany.  The few new parts I've priced were significantly lower or
were German (versus Brazilian).

Jason (jdouglas@mitre.org)