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Re: Timing belt and Water Pump


Have you read through the procedure in either the Bently or Haynes manuals?

You will need some means of "locking" the crankshaft in place if you follow
standard procedures.  This is needed to loosen and tighten the pully on
the end of the crank.  I think the specs call for fastening it to over
400 ft-lbs!

VW/Audi has a special tool for this.  I've heard that a copy is available 3rd
party (try the usual - PAP @ 1-800-944-2964 or Shokan @ 1-800-ALL-AUDI).  As
an alternative, I've heard talk of removing the starter and jamming a 
breaker bar in the opening.  Rather than risk breaking teeth on the flywheel,
I've decided to let my independent mechanic do this repair when the time 

Jason (jdouglas@mitre.org)