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Re: Timing belt and Water Pump

> I am planning to replace the timing belt and the water
> pump on my 85 5000S this weekend. As I will be doing
> this for the very first time, I would appretiate any
> advice I can get !

I have done this before (Coupe GT  5cyl).
Damn pump and belt only lasted 180,000km.
Don't remember much other than it was more of a pain to do
than difficult.

A quick few points:

There are two lengths of timing belts.

Need to remove alt. belt & mount(I think), front grill etc...

The pump needs sealant where it meets the engine, but the pump slides
to adjust the tension on the timing belt, so adjust pump before
sealant dries.

It was a bitch to remove the bolts that hold the lower timing
belt cover (due to the bumper being in the way). 
Ended up buying one of those flexible socket attachements
Maybe there is more room in the 5000.

The timing marks were easy to line up following the instructions.

I did have a problem:  Removal of crank pulley.
A bit tricky without the tool. (what tool? Is there a tool?)
Trying to hold it against the belt only striped the belt.
I used a 'T' shaped soft metal bolt thing wedged in between
belt and pully teeth. The (old)belt provides cushioning against the
case and with a quick blow on the looong wrench breaks the 
locking compound and is easyly removed. Probably not recommended
for new cars. On the way back the the bolt(with locking compound)
can be tightened against the compression with quick blows to the

To cap, before starting you should have:
correct length belt
flexi socket drive (if needed)
locking compound
large socket for crank pulley
long wrench or pipe

Any questions?