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Help with parts for '91 80Q

This is my first post, so please pardon if this nails a FAQ...
My 80Q slipped out of gear (my fault) on a hill and cracked a lens.  I
need a new taillight lens - the part on the hatch, not the outer part
which attaches to the body - the driver's side.  I also need a new
"bracket" or whatever you call the sucker that holds the bumper on to the
rear driver's side of the car...
Anyone know of a good source for these for cheap?  I've got a national
trace on for junked parts, but just wondered if anyone out there has any
Also, what are some good sources for aftermarket add-ons for said car? 
I'm interested in mostly a different rear spoiler, but also accessories
and possibly something to give the engine a bit more oomph.
Andrew Corradini