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Re: 15-20hp more?

> I've seen an advertisement for a variable camshaft gear from
> Franco Industries, I think.  It is probably in European Car,
> or at least was a goof number of months back.  It supposedly
> replaces the current gear with an adjusting one, thus giving
> some boost in horsepower and maybe fuel efficiency.  According
> to the literature a friend of mine received, it works best with
> a performance exhaust and cam setup, but you can still benefit
> from it without them.

Just happen to have last month E.C. handy - here's the ad:

"Bolt-on variable valve timing for VW 8V, Audi 10V Turbo/NT
and Porsche 924

Increas your engine's HP by 15-20% by automatically advancing
and retarding the camsahft 8' (-3' to +5').

For product literature and dyno test, send $1 and LSASE to:
	Franco Industries
	Attn: George Franco
	6693 Alcala Knolls Dr.
	San Diego, CA   92111
	(619) 292-7949"

The punctuation is misleading, but it looks like they only offer
for the turbo Audis. Find out. The ad does not mention cost.


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