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Urgent stereo help needed

Well, the factory stereo finally died in my '89 100Q (hurray!), and I
started to replace it with a new Kenwood CD player.  The installation
got foiled halfway through when we discovered that the rear speakers
are powered.

No problem, I thought - the Kenwood has rear line-out connections. But,
the installer claims that these signals are "completely incompatible"
with the Audi amplifier system, and I will blow both if I try to
connect them.

So, I'm begging for any tips from someone who has replaced the
stereo in their Audi, and has these amplified rear speakers. Can
it be done? Is there an adapter required/available? Or am I doomed
to either replace the back speaker setup ($$$$, and I like the ones
that are there) or listen to my discs on 2 speakers?


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