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Ronal R8 15x8, anyone?

My brother has a line on a brand new set of Audi 15x8.0J Ronal R8s.  These
are the original Quattro factory rally wheels, finished in pearl white
metallic.  They will not likely fit anything other than an ur-Quattro.

Anyway, the first catch is that they are out in Finland, and it will cost
some money to ship then to this side of the Atlantic.  The second is that
he doesn't know how much exactly it would cost to get them, but he figures
on somewhere between $150 and $200 US per wheel.  You can probably count
on close to $100 for surface shipping -- these wheels are LARGE!

Is anyone interested in getting a set of these?  If you are, let me know
and I'll talk to my brother -- otherwise we'll let someone else buy them.

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