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Re: High-mileage Audi question

> A question for any high-mileage Audi owners out there: I am
> interested in buying a 1989 Audi 5000S for $5500 Cdn.  The
> reason the car is selling for so little is that is has
> 155000 km on it (just under 100000 mi.).  The car's owner
> claims the car is in good condition.  My question is: how
> reliable are Audi 5000s with mileage that high?  Would it
> be worthwhile for me to buy the car?  Any problem areas that
> I should look out for?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Post responses and/or
> e-mail me.

Well, my current 100Q isn't high mileage (kilometerage?) at
about 62K miles, but having several long life VW/Audis behind
me, here are some thoughts;

1) Most of the foundations of that car will easily last 200-250K miles.
   The engine and transmission are designed for that. Rust is not
   really an issue with a 1989. But, get a compression test, and
   an emissions test if you can. Also, pull a spark plug and check
   it for fouling/burning/age. See if you can get an oil sample examined.
2) Make sure you can see the service records for the car. The main
   things that will kill a car at 100K miles are lack of maintenance,
   especially oil changes and other fluid changes (brakes, steering).
   Get all the belts and hoses replaced anyway before or just after
   you buy it. It's cheap insurance.
3) There are probably going to be lots of squeaks and rattles by now.
   Test drive it hard to find them. Hose it down with a high pressure
   water spray to look for leaks around door/trunk seals, and the
   sunroof. Also listen for air whistling when you test drive it.
4) Look under the car to examine the under-body shielding for dents
   or damage. Also examine the shock towers for signs of abuse.

Since such a new car has so many miles, it was likely driven mostly
on the highway. This is usually good, as it puts less stress on the car.


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