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Re: High-mileage Audi question

>> Steve Hui wrote:

.......................................My question is: how
reliable are Audi 5000s with mileage that high?  Would it
be worthwhile for me to buy the car?  Any problem areas that
I should look out for?

<< Response:

You have to be really careful when you examine the car. Three
years ago, I bought 85 5000 with 70,000 miles on it. The car
ran great and everything worked when I test drove the car. The
car ran smoothly for the first six months. Since then, the 
problems began to emerge. Below I list the problems as they
came up:

	- Exhaust manifold bolt broke 
	- Rubber boot that covers the drive axle torn apart
	- Rear wheels ball bearing had to be replaced
	  (the car vibrated during braking)
	- Front disc brakes stuck
	- Disc brake wrapped
	- A/C programmer broke
	- Blower broke
	- Power window switches failed
	- Power window motor failed
	- Power steering pump leaked
	- Steering rack leaked
	- Heater radiator leaked (produced maple syrup smell
	  when the heater was operating)
	- Suspension had to be replaced after another 30,000
	- Rattling noise from the exhaust system

Last week I pulled my old bills and added the amount of money I
poured into the car. It added up to $5065. To make it worst, most
of the jobs above were performed by myself! (The heavy work that
involves engine and brake system I had the dealer performed, the 
suspension and mufler, I went to monroe since the gave me the best
price, the rest I did them during weekends) I ordered parts from 
Audi Shokan and most of them were used parts to cut costs. 
I bought the car for $4500! Now, you tell me if it was a good
decision to buy the car. 

Recently, the coolant leaked through the cylinder head gasket! 
This problem will costs me a fortune. I decided to get rid of the
car. Right now, I have three gallons of water in my trunk so that
I can make it to work and home everyday. The car worth only less
than $2000 right now. Hopefully within a week, I will be able to 
get the replacement for this ill car.

Do I hate Audi? Yes and No. I hate to spend money on fixing the 
car, but the driving experience is beyond any japanesse car I
have driven! I believe that the new Audis are far better in
quality, and their free maintainece and warranty programs worth
a second change.



I thank all of you who responded to my post regrading insurance.
They helped me a lot!