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Re: High-mileage Audi question

I've got an '85 5000S 5-speed with 131,000 miles and I've experienced 
most of the same problems as Andreas:

> Andreas says:
> You have to be really careful when you examine the car. Three
> years ago, I bought 85 5000 with 70,000 miles on it. The car
> ran great and everything worked when I test drove the car. The
> car ran smoothly for the first six months. Since then, the 
> problems began to emerge. Below I list the problems as they
> came up:
> 	- Exhaust manifold bolt broke 

> 	- Rubber boot that covers the drive axle torn apart
	if this means the CV joint boots I consider this normal wear
	I've replaced them all twice.

> 	- Rear wheels ball bearing had to be replaced

> 	- Front disc brakes stuck
> 	- Disc brake wrapped

> 	- A/C programmer broke

> 	- Blower broke

> 	- Power window switches failed

> 	- Power window motor failed

> 	- Power steering pump leaked

> 	- Steering rack leaked

> 	- Heater radiator leaked (produced maple syrup smell
> 	  when the heater was operating)

> 	- Suspension had to be replaced after another 30,000
> 	  miles)
	struts yes, nothing else

> 	- Rattling noise from the exhaust system
	yes - due to a bad catalytic converter

Add to this list:
	-failed radiator
	-2 waterpumps
	-A/C condenser & accumulator/dryer
	-3 window regulators
	-sunroof lifters (twice)
	-oil pressure senders
	-radiator fan resistor pack
	-coolant overflow reservoir
Do I still like the car- yes! 
Would I buy another? Probably not one this old-
especially if I couldn't fix it myself in most cases.
Also consider- with all of these problems I've never been stranded,
and I drive 200 miles a day commuting-

I think I'll keep it until it has congestive failure, or strands me
once- whichever comes first. Then on to an S4...