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give away

I have a set of standard wheels for Audi 5000. This set comes
from my 85 Audi 5000. Since I no longer have the car I'm getting
rid of the extra set. The wheel dimension is 14x6J. The tires
mounted on the wheels are all-season 195/70 discontinued Goodyear
tires. The tires are still good (60% new), but one of them is
unuseable (the sidewall is torn). The condition of the wheels 
are good; no dent or crack. I'm giving this to anybody who wants
an extra set for his/her winter tires for FREE.

As like other FREE deals that department stores offer you, there 
is a catch. The wheels are still in my old apartment in Troy, NY.
So, whoever wants them must pick up the wheels. Additionally, the
pick-up must happen on either May 8 or 9; This is the only time that
I will be in Troy. 

If you are interested, please e-mail me at abd@cadre.com and to
determine who gets the set, in case there are two or more people
interested, I will check the stamp date on the e-mail. Whoever
sends the e-mail first get the set. 

I will give you the rest of the information about the address later.