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Dim bulbs

Since it seems that many of us find our Audis' lights less than stellar
in performance, I thought I'd share this with y'all.  As seen in Autoweek:


				BULBS !
			9004 55/100W	$19.95
			9004 80/100W    $24.95
			9005 100W	$21.95
			9006 80W	$19.95
			Wiring Harness	$49.95
			Super Kit	$89.50
					(2 80/100W + harness)

	Off Road Use Only

	Exclusive importer of hi-power bulbs for your "wimpy" headlights.

			(313) 464-1458
			Box 337       Visa/MC
			Pinckney, MI   48169
			 (dealer inquiries)


Such is the ad.  Is anyone familiar with this outfit? Will these bulbs work 
(specifically in an '86 400 CSQ)?  Will night driving cease to be a series
of hunt and feel corners?

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