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Re: Dim bulbs

>From ac908@freenet.hsc.colorado.edu Tue Apr 20 11:16:35 1993
>Subject: Dim bulbs
>	Exclusive importer of hi-power bulbs for your "wimpy" headlights.
>			(313) 464-1458
>			Box 337       Visa/MC
>			Pinckney, MI   48169
>			 (dealer inquiries)
>Such is the ad.  Is anyone familiar with this outfit? Will these bulbs work 
>(specifically in an '86 400 CSQ)?  Will night driving cease to be a series
>of hunt and feel corners?

This is Gene Henderson's (of much Rally fame, ie One Lap of America etc)
company. He carrys all kinds of rally goodies.  I understand he found a
lamp manufaturer who was willing to make him a few thousand high power
bulbs to replace the stock wimpy 900x series.
If your 4000 (not really a 400 is it) takes a 9004 bulb (i think it does)
then these should work, the 80/100 watt versions may tax the wiring system.
Thats why Gene is selling the wiring kit, I suspect. It probably adds a relay.
I have some coming but they have not arrived yet, so I can't comment on how
well they work.