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Re: Help 5000's manual photocopy

> From cadre.com!abd@cse.ogi.edu Mon Apr 26 12:02:40 1993

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for helping 8-))

> >> Dan Long wrote:
> 2.  Replace the power brake servo or also called accumulator... thinking
> it would prevent the front brakes from sticking after 5-6 stops...
> It seems to be still sticking....
> << Response:
> You may want to check the calipers. I had this problem once, and it turned
> out that the cylinder wall of the caliper was rusted. I had to have the
> caliper replaced to fix the problem.
> Andreas

I did ,,, they were taken apart and cleaned ....  this last weekend I unhooked 
the power fuild pump... and no more sticking brakes but w/o out power, it 
is a lot hard to stop and to steer the car 8-((..

8-)), thanks again bye, long--;