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Re: <None>

Few random thoughts:

	1- On newer cars, I don't think there is a notice-able performance 
	   difference for equal cars between Germany and US.  Most newer 
	   German cars in Germany have the smog equipment required by US. 

	2- In most place in Germany or for that matter Europe, you will 
	   not need a car.  Public transportation is the norm.

	3- Gas prices are about 3 times higher than here.  Not sure about
	   the insurance rate.

	4- Cars rust pretty quickly.

	5- Parking is somewhat of hassle and it could be expensive.

	6- Most german cars in US are better equipped as their counter part
	   in Germany.

	7- Last time in Germany (~2 weeks ago) I did notice lots of audis
	   (80, 90, 100...) and a greater variety of them within each model.
	   Some had wider wheels and some how looked more aggressive than their
	   counter parts in US.

	8- Cars are more expensive in Germany if you have to pay all of their
	   related taxes.

Good luck, 

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> I will be moving from Utah to Germany and I need to ship my car (90 
> quattro), my motorcycle, furniture and some other stuff.  Does anybody 
> know a good, cheap company that could ship my stuff over there?  Does 
> anybody know if I have to modify my cars and my motorcycle? (88 Audi 90 
> Quattro, Honda CRX Si, Honda Nighthawk)
> Should I sell my cars and buy a German Audi? What is the difference 
> between a German and an American Audi?  I heard VW's are a lot better in 
> Germany, what about the modified Audi's?  Are they tuned down (USA)?