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RE: how to find the car of your dreams...


I picked up my 5000Q at a Ford dealership! You might want to leave your name
with salespeople at certain types of dealerships that might get them in trades.
I've found that the local Accura and Honda dealerships advertise Audi's from
time to time.

You also want to keep an eye on your major and local newspapers. You could also
let a local dealer (if you have one) know so that they would let you know of
cars coming off of leases.


From:	3049::"iceman@camelot.bradley.edu" "Christopher Ice" 30-APR-1993 19:22:43.30
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Subj:	how to find the car of your dreams...

I have pretty much decided on buying a CoupeQ (88 or 89)...now that I know
what car I want, how do you find it?  You can't just drive over to your local
Ford dealer and pick one up.  Also, there's no guarantee that even a VW or
Audi dealer will have one on the lot.


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