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RE: car found maybe...how much would you pay?


I'd say that's high but it can depend a lot on what the demand is in your local
area. I picked up an 88 5000Q at 36K for a little more than what this doctor is
asking for (2 years ago), but this was in an area of New Hampshire where Audi's
don't seem too popular. I know that in Boston (50 miles away) Audi's move
pretty quickly as I followed the Boston Globe for a few weeks to get pricing
and market information.

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Subj:	RE: car found maybe...how much would you pay?

Well, in light of my previous message, I just test-drove an '88 90Q yesterday.
I'd like to get a few expert opinions:

'88 90Q
68K miles (highway)
Owned by a doctor...has maintenance records
Charcoal Grey (nice) with black leather int.
Immaculate inside
No rust...but has a few dings in hood and passenger door
Wells under door-handles are all scratched up (like owner wears rings)
Strange moaning sound from power steering
Cracked headlight lens
Scuffed left rear rim (wonder if he hit a curb on a slide)
Clutch seems grabby to me (but I'm used to a hydraulic clutch on a Datsun)

He's asking $10,700

This is a VERY nice looking car despite the age-marks left by many a parking
lot.  If I do decide to buy it...I will have a qualified mechanic check it out
first, and get estimates from a couple body shops on fixing those dings.

I guess my question is, knowing what I know....would you buy it?  If so, how
much would you pay? (before taking out repair expenses, and after repairs)
I plan on calling my credit-union on Mon and seeing what they value it at.

Please note that I have never owned an Audi, let alone a Q.  So, I may
be a little nieve of the ins and outs of Audi ownership.

Thanks to those who responded to my previous post...the coupe may have a
bigger trunk, but I like this 90!  I know, I'm fickle.
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