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Power windows 84 5000S

My drivers side power window made the same crunching sound (86 5000CS T)
just before it quit. I took the door panel off and found the cable that
pulls the window up and down had come off the lower plastic pulley. The
reason it came off was that the plastic guide tube on the motor assembly
had broken and the cable tension went to zero and the cable got tangled
up in the motor pulley. I was able to mickey mouse it back together over
the weekend by clamping part of a copper pipe around the broken plastic
section. I checked out the new part from the dealer and it looks like Audi
added a clamp around the section that typically breaks off. I never did
replace the regulator to this day as it is still working two years later.
The new regulator is about $175. My passenger window is starting to make
similiar crunching noises. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Hope this helps
						Scott M.