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Power windows followup

<I have a variation of the window problem.  My back left window ('86 5000S) just
<up and quit with no warnings and no strange noises.  Neither the driver's nor
<the switch on that door seem to do a thing.  Is this a common failure mode ?
<Jason (jdouglas@mitre.org)


I pulled out all the window switches and cleaned the contacts on my 86
5000CS T because the windows would not respond or worked intermittently.
After cleaning the switches the windows worked great for about 2 years but
now they are acting up again. I quess I need to clean the contacts once
more. The newer models have dust shields to keep crud from getting onto the
switch contacts. There is a service bulletin that mentions the intermittent
switch operation. Another possibility is the lockout switch on the drivers
door although this would affect both rear windows. I hope your window
problems are just dirty contacts.
			Scott M.