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84 5000s Pwr Win

Thanks for all the responses to my power window problem.

The 84 model has the regulator and motor as one unit assembly.  The dealer
said they stopped that in 85 or 86 and now have seperate units.  A lot
cheaper to fix.  I've come to the conclusion that the cable in the 
regulator is broken and/or frayed and thus binding up.   My only recourse
seems to be to replace both the regulator and motor.  As dealer parts,
reg $155 and motor $130 !!!!!  I am searching salvage yards at the
moment.  There does not seem to be an overabundance of older Audi's here
in the Northeast (Vermont).  Best I can do so far is a unit for $125 with
a 30 day guarantee.  The good thing, is that the inner door is wide open
and easy to access, and there are no pulleys or weird stuff to contend
with.   Wish me luck.

Thanks again,  Jamie