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84 Audi Coupe forsale in Boston $3200/obo

For Sale: 1984 Audi Coupe in Boston area

-front wheel drive
-excellent handling
-new rear brakes
-Very recent exhaust overhaul (today)
-Very recent tuneup (today)
-Guaranteed passing MA inspection
-recently re-cored radiator
-blue exterior (looks more like silver)
-cloth interior
-very peppy 5 cylinder engine with plenty of life left in it
-120k highway miles - don't let this worry you...it's really in great

This car can be seen in Boston (Allston) anytime after Tuesday, May
11th. Feel free to e-mail me, or call 617-782-2219 to set up an
appointment.  My girlfriend will be here, and can set up a time for
Tuesday. Reason for sale: I got a quattro sedan!