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Power Windows follow up part 2


All this discussion on window problems has motivated me to pull out the
drivers side window switches (86 5000CST) and give them another cleaning.

The main panel holding all the switches pulls up and out with a gentle
prying action from a screwdriver. Unplug the four connectors for the 
windows, the two for the mirrors, and the one for the rear window lockout
switch. Remove the metal retaining clip on the main panel. The window
switches pop out of the main panel by prying from the center towards
the side. There are four tangs holding the switch into the main panel. Now
the switch can be disassembled by prying the four tangs and sliding the
plastic cover off. It is a little tricky getting all four of the tangs to
release at the same time. The switch contacts and the Light Emitting Diode
(LED) with resistor can be seen. Use emery cloth or sandpaper to remove
any pitting or crud from the contacts. Contact cleaner can be used to flush
out any residue. I replace one of the dead LED's while I was in there.
Scott M.