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Lifter Noise, 89 100Q Bently Manual

My  86 5000CST at 110K had the annoying lifter ticking every time I would
start the car after it sat for awhile. Even though the noise would go away
after a few miles of driving it was very embarrassing. I replaced all ten 
lifters and it is like new. I paid $13.75 each for the lifters. The job
is not all that bad to do. Remove the valve cover, rotate engine to be
at TDC on #1 cylinder, remove cam belt, cam pulley, loosen cam bearing
caps evenly. Check Manual procedure for more details. Sometimes you can
slide the cam belt off the pulley without loosening the waterpump adjustment. 

Bently Manual for 89 100Q
One alternative for the high dollar bently manual is to buy the microfiche
version from Audi for $30. Used microfiche readers can be purchased at
surplus stores, auctions etc. for around $25 to $50. You can also go to
your local library and use their microfiche reader and make copies.
The service bulletins for your car are also available on microfiche
for around $15. Using microfiche is hardly convenient but it may be
worth it if you don't need to look at the manual all the time.
Scott M.