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Re: Clock?

>Anyone got a spare clock circuit for an '87 5000CST ???  Mine has a slight
>cosmetic problem on the LCD's where I can't tell if it's 8 or 0 cuz the middle
>bar is missing.  My bro test the LCD and it shows up, so it must be the clock.
>I don't want to spend $124 for a whole new trip computer just for a measly 
>clock, but if I can find some thrashed audi in the junkyard, maybe I can 
>savaged it from there.  The dealer says there's no aftermarket component that 
>small.  Next time any you guys/gals decide to go shopping at your local junk
>yard, can ya keep an eye out for the clock for me? 

Keep an eye out for me too. I have the same problem with the indash
computer on my (wife's) 84 5000S turbo. The LCD itself is fine, but one
of the very special (surface mount) IC's that drives it has a bad output.
I hate it when I can't tell 0's from 8's. It also screws up all the 
other displays (like MPG, Miles till empty, etc)