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Recap on idling problems

Hello all,
	Many thanks to all who responded to my problems
regarding my '86 GT coupe. It had to do with sporadic
idling between the usual 800 and 2500rpms. 
	It was the idle stabilizer and when I disconnected 
it it was fine, albeit the idle fluctuates a little bit
around 1000rpm since it is no longer regulated. Time to
search the junkyards now.
	One tidbit of interest. It seems that rubber 
molding/weatherstripping for my car's windows/windshields
are not available thru aftermarket vendors. Dealers have a 
monopoly on it and as a consequence, I might have to cough up
$147 plus tax for the front windshield molding. Anybody
experienced this kind of gouging on a piece of latex before?