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Re: Recap on idling problems

>From htng@aries.ece.cmu.edu Fri May 21 14:54:23 1993
>	One tidbit of interest. It seems that rubber 
>molding/weatherstripping for my car's windows/windshields
>are not available thru aftermarket vendors. Dealers have a 
>monopoly on it and as a consequence, I might have to cough up
>$147 plus tax for the front windshield molding. Anybody
>experienced this kind of gouging on a piece of latex before?

I just had my windshield replaced last week ('88 90Q). The guy was able
to reuse the molding, but quoted me $50 beforehand if he couldn't.

Try another glass shop.

Incidentally, is there much of a quality difference between an authentic
Audi windshield ($450 wholesale) and an aftermarket windshield ($350 retail,
installed)??? The only distinction I can see is a larger in-shield antenna,
which seems to pull in stations better...