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Re: Instrument panel removal

> >Does anyone know how to remove the instrument panel of my '88 90 Quattro?
> The same thing just happened in my 91 Coupe, and I just
> had it fixed under warrenty. They replace something called 
> the "multi function switch", and now it works fine.

i was told sometime back that the coupe has a very different
implementation of instruments from the 4 door cars... something to the
effect of being completely digital vs. analog.  not in the actual
display, but how the information is collected and how the displays are
controlled.  the radiator fan is controlled by a chip on the
instrument panel, like the v8 and 91 200Q.  next time i stop by the
dealer i will ask about this some more.. the chief mechanic will talk
all day if you let him.. :-)