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Re: Instrument panel removal

I have had several private Emails asking me if I could
give more details on the "mutil function switch" which
I mentioned was replaced for me (by the dealership) to 
slove my temp. gauge problems on my 91 Coupe.

Unfortunatly, I know nothing about this switch, what
it really does, where it is located, and so on.
Since my car is still under Audi warrenty, I let the
dealer do repair jobs like this one (if I did it
myself, my warrenty probably would have been voided).

And, as Eliot correctly states below, my Coupe's systems could  
be very different that other Audi models (although I would 
believe that the Coupe would be "similar" to the 90 quattro, 
especially the 90 20V).

I just wanted to point out to the original poster (lcheng)
that the answer to his gauge problem may not necessarily
be sloved by removing the dash.

I will try to remember to lookup the Audi part number on my 
invoice and post it. Other than that, I'm sorry that I cannot 
provide anymore details.

	-dave t.

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> >Does anyone know how to remove the instrument panel of my '88 90 Quattro?
> The same thing just happened in my 91 Coupe, and I just
> had it fixed under warrenty. They replace something called 
> the "multi function switch", and now it works fine.

i was told sometime back that the coupe has a very different
implementation of instruments from the 4 door cars... something to the
effect of being completely digital vs. analog.  not in the actual
display, but how the information is collected and how the displays are
controlled.  the radiator fan is controlled by a chip on the
instrument panel, like the v8 and 91 200Q.  next time i stop by the
dealer i will ask about this some more.. the chief mechanic will talk
all day if you let him.. :-)


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