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Re: Instrument panel removal

>Unfortunatly, I know nothing about this switch, what
>it really does, where it is located, and so on.
>Since my car is still under Audi warrenty, I let the
>dealer do repair jobs like this one (if I did it
>myself, my warrenty probably would have been voided).

The multifunction switch is a temperature sensor located on the engine block
where the upper radiator hose enters the block.  It looks like a thermo switch
except that there are 8-9 wires coming from it instead of 1 or two. It's made
of brass, and has a black rubber boot around the connector. Thethingie is anout
1 1/4" in diameter, and about 2 1/2" long.

This temperature switch is used: to run the temp guage on the dash, to tell the
engine computer what the engine temp is, and for gross over temp conditions.
Different models use the various functions for slightly different things, but I
believe the sensor itself is common to most Audi's.  These things usually fail
once in the life of every Audi.

Have fun,