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Keeping with the theme of overheating and radiators, I have an '86 4000 CSQ
with a problem with the fan.  Randomly (and rarely), the fan will come on 
and stay on.  I particularly notice this when the car is shut off.  Normally,
shutting off the car will immediately kill the fan, and if further cooling is
required, the fan comes back on within 5-10 seconds after engine shutdown.  
When the fan is stuck, it simply stays on after engine shutdown without the 
5-10 second "off" period.  The only way I have found to cure it is to pull
out the fan relay.  If I put the relay immediately back in, sometimes the fan
continues to run, other times, it stops and will not go back on.  The problem
has caused me a dead battery on one occasion (before I noticed the problem).

Possible causes:
    1) Relay sticks on
    2) Temperature sensor faulty

Any other suggestions or people with similar problems, solutions, etc.

Ken DelGrande