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Re: Mysterious temp gauge

Fact 1: Coolant sensor is so much cheaper than temperaure gauge in the 
        instrument panel

Fact 2: It takes so much (much much) less time and effort to replace the
	coolant sensor than to replace the temp. gauge

I would suggest you to look for a used coolant sensor that works and replace
the one you have now, see if it solves the problem. If it works, this will
save you a lot of money and time!

I had the same exact problem, and my research led me to believe that the
temp gauge was broken. I even had an Audi mechanic agreed with me. So, I
spent a full day replacing the temp. gauge. Guess what, it didn't solve
the problem. (Yes, I had spent around $90 for the temp. gauge). So, I
looked for a used coolant sensor (costed me $10) and replaced the one I 
had on the car. And it WORKS! I was really REALLY !@#$%^&* 

I hope you don't fall into the same misery.

BTW The car was Audi 5000 '85

Good luck