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Re: Radiator fan sticking

I had a similar problem with the radiator fan sticking on my '85 Coupe GT.
I could pop open the fuse box, and either bang on the relay (sometimes this
was sufficient to unstick it) or pull the relay out (and often hit it with
my palms).  The latter always cured the problem.  *-0

Anyway, this persisted for about 1.5 years (I bought the car used about
2.5 years ago) and I put up with it because I was too cheap to buy another
relay.  Anyway, one day the relay just died and left me stranded in 95+
degree weather without any air-conditioning.  Fortunately, the Porsche/Audi
dealership was only a few miles away.  I think I ended up getting a Porsche
relay by Bosche that was similar to the original relay, and that has been
working well for a year.  It cost about $27, but in retrospect was worth
the time saved unsticking the relay.  I would say go for another relay,
and that should fix your problem.