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Re: Radiator fan sticking


>I had a similar problem with the radiator fan sticking on my '85 Coupe GT.
>I could pop open the fuse box, and either bang on the relay (sometimes
>was sufficient to unstick it) or pull the relay out (and often hit it with
>my palms).  The latter always cured the problem.  *-0....I would say go
>another relay, and that should fix your problem.

Most of these relay problems sound like sticking contacts.  This is due to
normal current arcing during use.  The contacts become pitted and tend to
stick.  I've had a couple do this on my 84 Q, and was able to just take
them apart, clean the contacts with a little emery (sand) paper and
alcohol, and back to normal again.  Both seem to be working great for the
past few years.  If you like to tinker, I've found that most of the VW/Audi
relays are easy to take apart.   ---JCG.