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Bentley 80/90 book

I purchased the Bentley book covering the {80|90} {coupe|quattro} for
1988-91.  There have been numerous criticisms from the net
that it's a book of line drawings with little useful information.

I disagree.

It is the official factory repair manual.  Every part of the
car is covered, along with procedural instructions.  With this book,
you have all the information that the shop has, sans updates of course.
There are only line drawings, but they are very detailed, and are obviously
taken straight from Audi's repair database.  I can't imagine situations
where photographs would have been preferable.

Being the factory manual, it assumes that you are a competent mechanic,
and gives you just the information you need to know to accomplish
repairs, rather than handholding you through operations like some
other books (Chilton et al) do.  It also assumes that you have a full
complement of specialized tools and testers from Audi/VW, Snap-On and Bosch.
Fortunately, the only computers in this car that require testers for servicing
are the ABS system and the trip computer.

My guess is that the price tag is $90 because they don't sell a lot of these.
There just aren't that many of these cars on the road!

I intend on keeping this book, and using it to do repairs that are within
my ability (and toolkit), and using it as a reference to understand 
what needs to be done when I bring my car into the shop.

Just my $.02