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A lesson learned: fuel filters

    I just learned the hard way about a problem others may experience.

    For the last couple of weeks, my '87 5000 CSQ has been doing this
    number of making a loud roaring noise towards the back of the car
    for 1 or 2 seconds.  If I was on the highway, the car would sort of
    stumble but it wouldn't quit.  I figured it was the fuel pump, but
    was hoping it would last till I can get a chance to go to the least
    expensive mechanic (a 100 miles away).

    Wednesday, it did it twice before I got out of town to go to work.
    So, I figured well OK, I'll go and get the fuel pump replaced for
    big bucks closer to home.  So off I went to my friendly mechanic,
    the car ran fine the whole way (about 30 miles).

    The first thing he asked was, "When was the last time you changed
    the fuel filter?"  Well, it was 45,000 miles ago.  So, he changed
    the fuel filter for not so big bucks, but not cheap either, and all
    is well again.  The loud roaring noise is caused by the impeller
    cavitating when it can't get enough fuel through the filter.

    The point to all this.  Make sure you get your gas from a clean
    source.  I have been buying my gas from a regional gas company, not
    because it's cheaper, but because it's convienent.  Apparently, the
    gas wasn't too clean so the fuel filter clogged up.