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Ideas solicited

    I have a problem I'm hoping to get some insight on.

    Wednesday, on my normal comute home my 5000 CSQ ran fine.  It was
    90+ degrees and I was running 90+.  After my daughters car-pool
    returned her home, I had to go and pick up the other kids.  So about
    30 minutes after I came home, I left.  My car ran terrible at low
    RPM's, and I had to turn the air-conditioner off when I was stopped
    and to start moving.  I thought it was just maybe a little to hot
    from the run home.  But, it was the same way on Thursday, and today.

    The symptoms:  It starts instantly.  When the rev's are below about
    2500, it misses pretty bad.  Above 3000 RPM's it seems to run fine.
    It misses at idle also.

    Anyone have any ideas.  I'd like to have some clues before I take it
    in to my mechanic.

    Thanks, and Peace

			Marty Halvorson