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80/90 Bentley manual, strange temp. gauge, etc.

Like Roger Kaplan, I received my 80/90 Bentley manual from Classic
Motorbooks.  Like others I would have liked to see more detailed
instructions using generic tools ... however, I don't have a problem
working with line drawings (clearer than photos in many cases), and
I think that I'll be able to do enough work using the manual to
easily recoup the $90 cost.  My dealer charges $72/hour and my
independent mechanic charges $65/hour.  By the way, the dealer charges
$120 for their service manual, which I assume is the same.

(Bentley publishes a separate electrical manual.  The manual I bought
only describes the connectors at the endpoints of circuits, no
wiring diagram.)

Regarding the flaky temp. gauge: the Bentley manual claims that
with the Auto Check system I should have a multifunction coolant
sensor mounted on the bottom of the upper radiator hose on the engine.
However, the sensor on my car looks like the one on cars without
the Auto Check system!  Bentley must be wrong here, or else Audi
changed things after the first year (1988) of the 80/90.  Also,
it turns out that I've been measuring things in the wrong way.
I'll post more results after some work ...

I previously asked how to remove the exterior door trim.  Bentley
says to use a hot air gun, and to reattach new trim with some sort
of glue (gives an Audi part number).  The old trim gets destroyed
in the process.

- Lawrence Cheng