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Re: More than the usual


>We'll, ya know how we're familiar with at Audi I-5 start-up noise?  Well,
>it seems that the 4000 CSQ has gone a step further.  One cylinder seems to
>be making a very loud noise at startup, and continues for about 15
>I suspect one of the hydraulic lifters is bad.  Does this sound familiar

My 4000 Q too has the usual "ticking" at startup.  In the winter it is
louder and lasts longer at startup.  It also appears directly related to
how full the oil is.  When I started auto-xing the car, I would shut it off
after a run.  When I started it backup for my next run, I would get the
loudest clatter ever, It would usually go away in a few minutes.  I though
I had a bad lifter.  Then I started useing 20W50 oil, and making sure the
level is FULL, and then it wasn't as bad.  Since then I have started using
5W50 syntek and it's better yet, or even nonexistant.  Anyway, if it goes
away after a bit your probably ok.  Mine now has 162k and I still haven't
replaced any lifters.

>If it is indeed a lifter, I was wondering how much of an undertaking it is
>to change it out?  How much $$$?  I suspect that the cam needs to be
>removed, but since I haven't bought a manual for it yet (as a good one
>doesn't seem to exist), I was just wondering about the intricacy of such a

I've heard you take out the cam, and they're pretty easy to change, and not
to expensive for the parts.  Something a weekend warior should be able to
do.   ---JCG.