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Audi Starter problems


The saga continues.  My Audi '87 5000 CS Turbo, now free from blue smoke in
the morning and trans oil leaks - my Audi dealer replaced the turbo charger
and servo seals, it is now spuddering intermittently!  Well it was always
difficult to start, so they replaced the crankcase set and the fuel pump.
Now the car fires up perfectly when it is cold ala in the morning and runs
fine.  By noon, however, the car becomes difficult to start.  And by late
afternoon, intermittent loss of power, and stalling at low speeds becomes
the norm.  I thought it was the fuel I was getting, but I changed gas
stations and I was still getting it.  The dealer finally tried changing the
speed sensor (fault codes show'ed up) but that didn't do the job either!