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Re: Oil for turbocharger

Bill Samaras DTN 223-7322  29-Jun-1993 0808 writes:
> All of the "normal" Audi turbo's have only one oil filter.  All 5000 CS turbo
> quattro's ('86 on) and 5000 CS turbos (at least from 1985) have just a single
> oil filter design (as well as everything after that).   If you go looking for
> another oil filter, you just won't find one.

Before you make such a definitive claim, consider this: I have an 84 Audi
5000S Turbo, and it definitely has two oil filters.  My previous 84
5000S Turbo also has the same setup, so is a friend's 85 5000S Turbo.

> The $original$ Audi quattro coupe did have 2 oil filters. But as far as I can
> tell, this was the only application of 2 oil filters.

Not.  By the way, the Audi oil filters for the turbo cars are different
than those for the non-turbo cars.  This is true even for the main engine
oil filter.  Although Fram lists the PH2870 for all Audis, don't use that
on your turbo!  Get the genuine Audi filter.  Just one look at the internal
construction will convince you that the Fram is no substitute.

> By the way, the Bently manual is worth every penny. There is information
> contained that is just not documented anywhere else. It has saved me its cost
> many times.  If you really want the inside scoop, subscribe to Audi's service
> bulletins.  I have all of them for the 5000. I think the cost was $12.  They
> are organized by section, and match the Bently manual format. 

Agreed 100% here.

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