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Re: Oil for turbocharger

          I believe the switch from two filters to one filter was
          part of the switch to the water-cooled turbos. The water-
          coolers use *much* less oil volume, just enough to provide
          lubrication. The cooling properties of large volumes of oil
          is just not needed with a water-cooled center section.
          Audi must have felt that the second turbo filter was only
          needed when thye were pushing large volumes of oil through
          the turbo to provide cooling.

          Interesting benefit of the water-cooled turbo: oil temps
          dropped by like 20-30 degrees C vs the oil-cooled turbo
          in my '85 Ur Quattro.

          Also, on the Fram filters, I've had good luck with 'em,
          used Fram exclusively and am coming up on 175,000 miles
          with no problems or turbo failures so far.

          Must be 'cause I drive the car so easy.....   :)