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audi 5000 a/c

Gentle netters, two questions regarding freon for the dreaded delco beastie --

1. Bentley sez "don't top it up. evacuate all freon and replace."  Is this
really necessary if you want cold air and are satisfied with only 97% of 
factory specified performance?  Or is there a chance of screwing something 
up if I just add enough freon to bring the pressure up to the right value
(I really do need to get one of those pressure guages).

2. Bentley shows only a high pressure port.  How does a weekend mechanic add
more freon?  Is there a low pressure port hidden somewhere, or is a $2500 
machine required to add more gas?

PS -- Right now, only certified refridgeration specialists can buy freon in
containers less than 25 pounds (in these United States). In a couple years
no one will be able to buy "new" freon.  (how about re-cycled from junk yards?) I just bought an anti-social 30 pound tank that will hopefully last until
both R-12 cars are replaced with something else (not to mention the home
a/c and fridge and freezer).  At $210, it might save a thousand down the road.
It probably would have cost $80 a couple of years ago.

Is this stuff banned yet in other countries too?

Jason Douglas
86 5000S, 87 Vanagon