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Re: Misc questions...

>From: "Dorothy Raymond" <d.raymond@cablelabs.com>
>As to what kind to get, the first thing is to find out what's available.  I
>like Koni's alot, other folks on this list probably know more about what's
>available. Boges, etc. Unless you want to try to be nationally competitive in
>your Audi, you'll probably want to go with "sport" shocks, not "competition"
>shocks.  Competition shocks, on the street, tend to loosen your fillings, but
>you can get used to it.

Considering this is my daily driver...I like the smoother ride...however, I 
like to drive "agressively", and EVERYTHING in the car rolls from one side to
the other when I drive.  Most annoying.  I used to drive a 280ZX with urethane
bushings and Tokiko shocks...not a bad ride actually.

What would a set of Koni's run....parts and installed?  For the hobbyists like
myself, would it be a weekend job, or is it best left to the guys with the
right tools?  (ie. is an alignment necessary afterwards, etc.)

>Don't overlook the importance of tires.  If the other people in your class have
>autocross tires (like BFGs or Yokohamas that they only use for autocrossing),
>that's worth a mimimum of 2 sec. on a 1 minute course, even compared to
>high-performance street tires.  It's a pain to get an extra set of rims, and to
>change tires twice at every event, but, tires are the most significant factor
>on an autocross course. 

Just put a set of BFG Comp T/A HR4's on.  195-60HR14 (wanted a lower series,
but that darned suspension gets in the way...who needs it??   :)

They are nice, but the scrub a lot.  This may have a lot to do with my setup.
I don't play with camber, caster, toe, etc...haven't gotten serious enough yet.
(Plus the fact that I don't know what I'm doing)

>There is an internet mailing list for autocrossing, called team.net, (that has
>about 10 times the volume of the Audi list) but it is a very good place to pick
>up useful information.  To get on, send your request to
><autox-request@autox.team.net>.  You may want to be on the "digest form" of the
>list, which gives you all the previous day's postings at one time, instead of
>10-20 messages a day.

Felt this was worth posting to the list.

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