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Re: Misc questions...


>I recently purchased a 1988 90Q and am VERY pleased with it.
>In fact, I just raced it in the local auto-cross sponsored by the SCCA.
>Most fun one can legally have for $20.

Sounds kinda high.  Our events are $8 for members, $10 for non.

>Unfortunately, the classing of my awd wonder disappointed me.  I ran
>against a Ford Taurus wagon, a couple of accords, a VW Fox, and an old
>Celica.  I had the highest HP in the class, but weighed the most...and
>therefore was slower.

Well, you can't go any lower than H stock, where else could the car be
classed?.  The taurus and accord should be beatable.  The Fox and Celica
will be a bit harder, but most of it is driver.

>So, this leaves me hungering for a few mods which can up my advantage
>while staying in my class.  Stock classification means the car cannot be
>modified in any way EXCEPT:
>exhaust from CC BACK (ie. no headers...must keep cc)

Basically your right.  You can play with the alingment all you want, and
front sway bars are free.  Anything you want, including bushings.  Mount
points have to be at stock positions.  Back bar cannot be touched.

>The car slopped around alot, with TONS of roll (have pictures...eeek).
>Less body roll would be HIGHLY desirable.  Must check to see if Urethane
>bushings are ok.

The only bushings you can change are the front sway bar ones.  Any material
is legal.

>Any suggestions on shocks?  If so, what will it buy me?  Where do I
>find them?

Koni, Tokico, and GAB all make good adjustable shocks.  Koni's were the
only ones available when I did my 84 4000 Q in 89.  Mail order is the way
to go. Try Sebring in NY (in any car magazine in back).

>...Have not even seen the air-filter,
>let alone replace it.  Anybody have experience with K&N?  Where to get it?
>Does it make replacing/cleaning the filter any easier?  BTW, how does one
>change the air filter on these things anyway?

K&N is the way to go.  You will gain HP and decrease the service req.  If
the filter is as hard to get to as my 4000 Q, it's in a box up by the
passenger headlight.

>Lastly...the exhaust runs thru 3 restrictions currently:  1 CC (cat.
>conv.), 2 what appears to be a small muffler/resonator, 3 thru a much
>larger muffler at the rear of the car.  Could I drop the resonator and
>muffler and replace with a Flowmaster or equiv?  Any experience?
>Suggestions?  Seen products advertised?

Sound like the 4000 Q.  I replaced all from Cat to the back.  Went up a
tube size and put just a Walker Dynomax muffler on.  Flowmaster and
Supertrap are also good.

Basically.  Been their, done that, had a great time except for the tire
wear :-(.  I now auto-x a Miata which will not wear out tires :-).  Anyway.
Hears the setup for my 4000 Q.  I was real successful in Seattle area with

84 4000 Q
Koni sport adjust shocks.  set half way up on all four.
full negative camber (~1 deg) on all four.
1/4 tow out in front (didn't wear road tires out :-) )
can't remember rear setting?
1.25 solid front bar, poly bushings.
2.5" exhaust from cat to Walker Dynomax muffler.
Tire pressures were HIGH! (50 to 60 PSI)  I ran the same front to back for

ENJOY!!   ---JCG.
ELDEC corp.  Joe Goeke    CAE Application Eng.
address:     jgoeke@eldec.com