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Re: Quattro SCHOOLS


>Do driving school instructors approach a Quattro differently
>from a rear or front drive car?

I Auto-x a lot, and have helped teach driving at solo schools.  What I have
noticed with my Q, is that it behaves much more like a FWD than a RWD, so
FWD drive techinques should be used.  If nicely balanced and driven, the
AWD will just be easier to control than a FWD (ie, no wheel spin exiting
corners, and the FWD will pull you out of some oversteer problems :-) )

>Have Hans Stuck or Hurley Hayward ever given a Quattro School?
>Has Audi ever sponsored or endorsed a school?

This would be awesome!  I've seen footage of Stuck and Hayward doing some
amazing foot work and driving.

>I think a hot Solo-II strategy would be to do a rain dance
>and hope no other awd cars show up.

I've had hats and various other things thrown at me as I did my usual "rain
dance" during questionable weather events.  BTW, once I learned to drive a
bit, I consistantly took top stock time of the day in the rain :-)  ---JCG.