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Re: Dirty gas

Marty writes:
>So, to re-iterate, don't buy dirty gas.  That is: go to a gas station
>that sells lots of gas, is a national brand, is of fairly recent
>construction, and one that you think is at least inclined to make
>sure every thing is clean.

And Dave writes:
>This is a very good suggestion.  Specifically, see if you can find Amoco
>Ultimate in your area.  This is the best stuff, according to several sources
>and my own experience.

Yeah guys, I agree with what you say.  Unfortunately I don't
think there are Amoco stations in Northern California.

A Carburator/Fuel-Injector researcher at GM told me that
several national brands of gas were very good, but some
companies have different additive packages that others don't
- there was no one ideal gas.  He suggested that by rotating
between major brands, i.e. do a few tanks of Chevron, then
Shell, Exxon (...etc.)  I would get the maximum effect from
their various detergent additives.  Local gas distributors
alter gas blends according to the season and expected
driving conditions - there are so many variables.

Another tip is to avoid stations that have nearby
construction or ones that are being refilled (or have just
been refilled.)  The idea here is to avoid pumping loose
sediments that settle at the bottom of gas station tanks.