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Quattro SCHOOLS rom: Alex Miller <amiller@almaden.ibm.com>

I'm a newcomer to this group, so I don't know if this
subject has already been discussed to death.     8-)

Do driving school instructors approach a Quattro differently
from a rear or front drive car?

For example, I recall no significant difference in teaching
methods between formula cars (F2000, FF - Bertis Roos, Skip
Barber) and rear drive sedans (M3, Mustang - Skip
Barber/BMW, Bob Bondurant.)  just FF will go polar a little
fast than a sedan and you have more brakes.  FWD racing
school (Mitsu Eclipse turbo - Jim Russel/ Laguna Seca) was a
little different - the cars were prepared more and there was
more race practice and more tension because you were
responsible car damage.

Have Hans Stuck or Hurley Hayward ever given a Quattro School?
Has Audi ever sponsored or endorsed a school?

I think a hot Solo-II strategy would be to do a rain dance
and hope no other awd cars show up.