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Re: Misc questions... (Quattro) Date: Wed, 07 Jul 93 00:00:17 PDT From: Alex Miller <amiller@almaden.ibm.com>

>National level of competition in Solo II, it's about 80% driver and 20% car. 
>Yet, on Team.net, the internet bulletin board for autocrossing, most people
>want to talk about tires, modifications to their cars, what's allowed in the
>rules, etc. and not about driving skill.

Well, I like to play with the hardware.  It's just fun.  However, when there's
BIG $$$ involved, I won't do it.  Besides, staying in H-Stock means there are
definite limits to what I can do both physically and monetarily (although I'm
sure you can get really carried away).

However, I have another line of thought...a car that's built for road driving
(like my Audi) will not necessarily behave itself on an autocross course.  This
could lead to some bad habits which will be hard to break if I do "get serious".

I want to focus on handling and power because those are things I will use OFF
the course as well as on.  I think the 90 is a good car with LOTS of potential.
However I am hoping that a _little_ investment into suspension and exhaust will
make a big difference.

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