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Re: Misc questions... (Quattro)

Errors-To: no-one@aries.east.sun.com

>The Quattro Club sponsors events (auto-cross, time laps) and they also
>teach how to get the most out of Audi Quattros.  I've never been in
>one (I'm going to my first this year in Lime Rock, CT, August 16, 17,
>and 18) but it sounds like great fun and a good opportunity to
>exchange tips with other Quattros enthusiasts.  The price is really
>not that bad either: $250 for 3 days.  Has anybody here been to one of
>the Quattro Club events ?

Which Q-Club is this?  The one out of Minnesota?

Also, I'm getting a lot of bounces and undeliverables....how do I specify an
"Errors-To" line in elm and who do I send the errors to (ie. no-one@aries.etc)?


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