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Misc questions... (Quattro) Date: Wed, 07 Jul 93 00:00:17 PDT From: Alex Miller <amiller@almaden.ibm.com>

   Dorothy Raymond writes:
   > Make sure you read the SCCA Solo II rulebook before attempting
   > some of those 
   > modifications.  For example stripping out the interior--even
   > removing sound 
   > deadening from the trunk or putting in a space saver spare if the
   > car didn't 
   > come with one are no-no's.

   Yes - there's only so much you can do legally.  I think
   turbo cars are especially easy to circumvent the rules.
   Find some CAM-2 102 octane unleaded, change the wastegate
   diaphragm, and viola - illegal horsepower.  The point I was
   trying to make earlier was, given lots and lots of money, I
   could strip a car down, re-weld the uni-body to be extra
   stiff, then put everything back in. Given two otherwise
   identical cars, I think the stiffer one would handle better
   by providing more stable suspension mounting points.

   My legal suggestion for getting the best time out of almost
   any car would be to invest in some education and practice at
   a good racing school.

   Speaking of Quattros, what Solo-II class would a 1983
   Quattro Turbo Coupe be in?  A/S?


The Quattro Club sponsors events (auto-cross, time laps) and they also
teach how to get the most out of Audi Quattros.  I've never been in
one (I'm going to my first this year in Lime Rock, CT, August 16, 17,
and 18) but it sounds like great fun and a good opportunity to
exchange tips with other Quattros enthusiasts.  The price is really
not that bad either: $250 for 3 days.  Has anybody here been to one of
the Quattro Club events ?